Practical class

Situating research outcomes: writing results and discussions

John M. Swales, University of Michigan
In this class we will explore the relationship between results and discussion sections, examining aspects that vary from issues of overall structure, to those of how much detail to include, and on to questions of specific language choices. As we go through text-task sequences, there will be opportunities for pair- and group-work and for open discussion. The materials used are based on a small textbook under review at the University of Michigan Press, co-authored by John M. Swales and Christine B. Feak.  

John Swales’ primary research interests lie in written and spoken academic discourse. These interests are
closely connected with his work in enhancing the advanced academic literacy of graduate students, both
international and domestic.

Although he retired in 2007, he remains active. In the University of Michigan Press, he published
“Navigating Academia: Writing Supporting Genres” and “Creating Contexts: Writing introductions” (both
with Chris Feak), and in 2012 (also with Chris Feak) a third edition of the popular “Academic Writing for
Graduate Students”.