METM16 presentation 

Slate Desktop + your TM = a personalized translation engine  

Emma Goldsmith, Madrid, Spain 

Machine translation gets work done fast, but it takes its toll on quality, style and confidentiality. Google Translate, for example, is a machine translation engine that makes mistakes, doesn’t know whether you prefer American or British spelling and leaves translators wondering what happens to their confidential work up in the cloud.
Slate Desktop is a new Windows-based solution that you install on your computer. It builds a machine translation engine from your own translation memories, reflecting your own terminology and language usage. The whole process is confined to your local machine, avoiding cloud/confidentiality issues. You can pretranslate a whole file with Slate Desktop or connect it to a CAT tool and cherry pick the best results, segment by segment.
I’ll share my experience of Slate Desktop from engine building to translation output.  I’ll look at its strong and weak points and compare it with other solutions on the market. 
By the end of the presentation, you may be itching to start with a clean slate yourself.

Emma Goldsmith is a freelance Spanish to English medical translator. She originally trained as a registered general nurse in London and later retrained as a translator in Madrid. She loves testing new software, getting stuck with it and (sometimes) finding the solution on her own.