University of Alicante

  University of Alicante Languages Service

The University of Alicante is located in the region of Valencia. Its campus is regarded as one of the best in Europe, with extensive green areas punctuated by award-winning architecture and outdoor sculptures on display all over the campus. The UA is an internationally minded bilingual university in Spanish and Catalan (more commonly known as Valencian in this region) with a firm commitment to multilingualism. As a result, English is used as the vehicular language for some of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Many of our cultural activities and courses are also held in English and other languages.

The UA Languages Service provides guidance and support to learn and use Catalan and English and we will be progressively extending this offer to include other languages. We also help revise teaching materials and PhD theses in English and equip tutors with digital tools to improve their English writing skills.

Aware of the importance of domain-specific terminology, we have created a trilingual glossary (in Catalan, Spanish and English) to provide the university community with the most commonly used and practical university-related terminology.

The UA Languages Service also gives translation students the chance of doing their curricular practical training in our department. Students are keen to get this hands-on experience because our work setting gives them confidence to enter the job market when they finish their studies.

Faced with a huge demand for English-language texts, we often have to outsource this work. If you are a skilled into-English translator or editor, feel free to email us your CV for our consideration.