METM16 presentation 

Who's afraid of the big bad webinar? 

Lucy Brooks, Worthing, UK 

The what: Lucy Brooks will show delegates how they can share their expertise by presenting a webinar or a short course. With her strong background in producing online CPD events, she will share her expertise and experience of speaking to an invisible audience and provide some tips on how to create engaging presentations and keep the audience attentive through to the end. Lucy will also share the speaker guidelines that she and her colleagues have developed and give some examples of best practice.
The aim of the talk will be to dispel any fears of the medium that may be preventing experienced practitioners from sharing their knowledge with junior colleagues.
The take-home message will be that producing an online training event can be every bit as rewarding as speaking at a conference or seminar, and possibly less nerve-wracking than presenting in person.
The why: Since webinars first appeared (pioneered by the speaker) many providers have arrived on (and departed from) the online CPD scene, offering varying levels of quality. As a result many language facilitators view the genre with a cynical eye, and in recent months, online CPD has been the subject of a certain amount of bad press. The presentation aims to show how highly qualified practitioners can work with CPD providers to help translators and interpreters develop their careers with a well-thought-out plan, learning tools, exercises to do, and further reading to follow the guided training of a live webinar or course.

Lucy Brooks is a Chartered Linguist, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (London) and a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the U.K. Following careers in travel and tourism, information technology, and local government, she became a professional translator, translating technical documents from German, French, and Spanish into British English. She is also the founder and managing director of eCPD Webinars.