METM16 interactive session 

Yoga session for translators, editors and interpreters 

Francesca Matteoda, Madrid, Spain 

This yoga class is suitable for people at any level. It does not matter whether you are an expert, back-bending yogi or whether you can’t even touch the tip of your toes… anyone interested in improving their physical and/or mental wellbeing is welcome!
The class is specially adapted for translators, editors and interpreters. If you are a translator or editor suffering from neck/shoulder/back pain after hours of sitting in front of the computer, then the session of asanas (yoga postures) will be ideal for you. On the other hand, the pranayama (breathing) exercises are useful if you get nervous when you have to speak in public or have a quick temper and therefore particularly beneficial for interpreters or public speakers.
We will start with a brief introduction to yoga, and then proceed with the exercises, which can all be performed sitting on your office chair. Please contact the facilitator prior to the class to let her know of any injuries and/or special requirements. No mats or special clothing required, though jeans are not ideal.  

Francesca Matteoda, originally from London, has lived in Madrid since 2001. She is a freelance translator specialising in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, working from French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English. She is also a qualified yoga instructor and nurtures a great interest in all things healthy.