Fostering high-quality language support services

Language professionals come from many different disciplines, take a variety of approaches, and benefit greatly from opportunities to share knowledge with each other. The mission of the association Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) is to provide a forum where language consultants in our geographic area can exchange information in the interest of improving our ability to meet clients' needs in a variety of disciplines.

Our six objectives, set out in our charter, can be summarized as follows:

1) to maintain a stable network and means to hold events for English-language consultants

2) to communicate knowledge that can contribute to improving the quality of language support services available in the Mediterranean

3) to be a conduit for exchanging information between language consultants in our geographic area and those in other parts of Europe and the world

4) to stimulate research in Mediterranean communities on the needs of academics, scientists and others, and on promising practices that meet their needs well

5) to identify local expertise in language support and help our experts share their knowledge with a wider audience

6) to help users of language support services locate appropriate solutions to their needs and promote mutual understanding between suppliers and users of these services