An association of English-language editors & translators

Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) is an association of language professionals who work mainly into or with English. Members include both in-house and freelance language professionals, individuals and businesses; they work with institutions, governments, corporations and NGOs as:
  • translators
  • editors, revisers and proofreaders
  • project managers and team leaders
  • authors’ editors
  • journal editors
  • oral and writing coaches
  • language teachers
  • interpreters
  • scientific and technical writers
  • writing instructors
  • researchers

Our members come mainly from the fields of language teaching and linguistics, the basic or biomedical sciences, translation, and the social sciences. However, we also have members from the fields of history, philosophy, journalism, art history, finance, and law. Indeed, language professionals with any background are welcome.

Many of the founders and early members live in or come from Mediterranean countries and work with Mediterranean languages. Many come from countries where English is the vernacular or were educated in English; others have become highly proficient users of English by various means.

What unites us is a belief in peer-generated continuing professional development, consistent with practice in the disciplines we started from and in the knowledge societies we serve.

MET’s activities are overseen by an elected Council.

MET is also a member of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue Between Cultures.

MET’s charter-stipulated working language is English.