MET workshops

Knowledge workshops
Blood tests made easy: everything you always wanted to know but never dared ask
EMA templates and EU terminology
Practical stats 1: understanding and reporting descriptive and bivariate analyses
Practical stats 2: understanding and reporting regression analyses and multivariate ANOVA models


Orientation to text types and specialties
Abstracts and introductions: genre analysis for editors and translators of research articles
The discussion section in academic research articles: patterns, practices and insights for editors and translators
A systematic approach to translating contracts into English
Editing theses and dissertations written by non-native speakers of English
Getting started in medical translation
Translating for the art world
Understanding our clients: why do anthropologists write that way?
When the writing is bad but the analysis is good: a practical exercise in ethnographic writing


Text features and language issues
Approaches to effective paragraphing: the topic sentence revisited
Editing non-native English
Grammar pathway: minisessions on style and grammar conundrums
Grammar pathway minisession: colons
Grammar pathway minisession: relative clauses
Grammar pathway minisession: subject–verb agreement
Grammar pathway minisession: tagging along
Grammar pathway minisession: active and passive voice
Grammar pathway minisession: singular "they"
Grammar pathway minisession: parsing the parts of our speech
Grammar pathway minisession: subjunctives
Grammar pathway minisession: the comma: to pause or to parse
Harnessing the power of the correspondence-consistency-correctness (CCC) model
Negotiating the differences between light, medium and heavy editing
Readability: 10 strategies for improving flow in translated or non-English speakers’ texts
Righting citing: principles and strategies for editors and translators
Signposting the way: using punctuation to improve flow
Translation revision and beyond
Two aspects of information ordering that affect flow within sentences and beyond


Tools, skills and concepts to support productivity and client relations
Beat the agencies at their own game: develop a watertight translation workflow process
Corpus guidance: a tool for understanding professional language usage, change and variety
Excel for Wordies: accounting and workflow
Handling plagiarism
Keyboard shortcuts for efficiency and comfort
SDL Trados Studio: beyond the basics
Solving terminology problems more quickly with IntelliWebSearch