Call for workshop proposals

In line with its ethos as a knowledge-sharing, peer-training network, MET invites proposals for full-length workshops (three hours) and minisessions (90 minutes) for inclusion in the pre-conference workshop programme, as well as occasional online training (two- or three-hour sessions) for our spring workshop programme.
Workshops are an important part of MET’s continuing professional development activities and should respond to our association’s broad interest in helping language professionals working with English to improve the quality of their services and their ability to respond to clients’ diverse needs.
We welcome submissions from both seasoned and novice workshop facilitators with expertise to share. Workshop topics should be relevant to our members (see here for a description of who we are) and should have a substantial hands-on component. You can explore the scope of topics covered in past workshops and the content and style of abstracts on the All workshops page.
To streamline the submission process, we encourage you to contact MET’s CPD chair to discuss the suitability of your proposal before sending in your abstract.

Use this template to draft your abstract and bio. If you intend to include examples in or excerpts from languages other than English, please state which languages. If tools are the focus, please specify operating systems and supported languages. 
Proposals are reviewed by MET’s workshop team and may be sent out for blind peer review. Before new workshops can be scheduled for a conference, they are piloted either at a spring workshop day or online.
Workshop facilitators receive a fee for preparing and giving their workshop. They also benefit from a special rate when registering for the annual conference. For spring workshop days, certain expenses are covered.

Facilitators should refrain from giving the same workshop elsewhere for a period of three months before and three months after the spring event and the annual conference. Exceptions may be discussed with the CPD chair.

Host a workshop

MET welcomes suggestions for workshop venues in Mediterranean cities where MET members are based or where there is an opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise.

If you would like to help host a half-day or full-day event in your city, please contact MET’s CPD chair.