Our principles

MET is

  • volunteer
  • non-profit
  • interdisciplinary


MET events are intended primarily as an opportunity for members to share knowledge and expertise, and they are organized on a pro bono basis. In accordance with the charter, members of MET's governing council receive no payment for their association work. In addition to council’s activities, about 50 MET members contribute their time and skills as helpers throughout the year and at the annual conference.

Key organizers of the conference attend free of charge; presenters, workshop facilitators and helpers register at special rates, and workshop facilitators also receive a fee. For spring workshop days, facilitators’ expenses are covered.


MET is a non-profit association and has been registered with the Government of Catalonia Justice Department (Association Registry no. 31703) since 2006.

MET’s operating costs are covered through membership fees. Annual conferences are funded by registration fees and sponsorship. MET provides financial support for attendance at its events in exceptional circumstances.


MET promotes contact and exchange of ideas between members from different disciplines. Efforts are made to encourage proposals for presentations and workshops covering the full range of disciplines represented by the association’s membership.