Volunteer, non-profit, interdisciplinary

MET is

  • volunteer
  • non-profit
  • interdisciplinary


MET events are intended primarily as an opportunity for members to share knowledge and expertise, and so are organized on a pro bono basis. Presenters and organizers register at special conference rates and workshop facilitators receive help with expenses.


MET is nonprofit association number 31703, registered in Barcelona with the Justice Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya since early 2006.

MET’s basic running costs are covered through membership fees. Events are funded by registration fees and sponsorship.

The Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània (IEMed) has generously provided their facilities for several of our meetings and many workshop sessions.


MET promotes contact and exchange of ideas between members from different disciplines. Efforts are made to recruit conference and workshop speakers and presenters covering the full range of disciplines represented by the association’s membership.