MET Conversations

MET Conversations are work-themed Zoom chats for members. Lasting an hour, Conversations are the perfect place for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking, for experts and novices alike.

At the start of each session, we split participants into small, random groups to discuss the theme of the day. Co-hosts Kit Cree and Anne Murray work on- and off-screen to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Upcoming conversations

Our word of the year
14 December 2021, 19:00 CET

Our end-of-year conversation will be dedicated to choosing our Word of the Year for 2021, with a bonus session of letting loose on words we'd like to retire from the dictionary for all of 2022.

So get to thinking of words that represent our very particular circumstances in 2021, be they newly invented gems or a fresh lexical lift for a word that may have seemed ordinary only a year ago.

Computer and internet security
18 January 2022, 19:00 CET

Tips to improve writing skills
16 February 2022, 19:00 CET

How to work less
14 March 2022, 19:00 CET

Pooling services for linguists
28 April 2022, 19:00 CEST

How to join the conversations

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Questions or suggestions?

Contact Kit Cree.