MET Conversations

Past Conversations

Computer and internet security
18 January 2022

The art of querying
17 November 2021
Review on The Hive
"This was great as always! Thanks!"
"Spot-on! The topic was manageable and focused and cut across the many disciplines we work in as translators and editors."
"It is good to hear what esteemed colleagues have to say."

Staying healthy
13 September 2021
Review on The Hive
"Brillant Chat!"
"It's a great format to get to know colleagues and share advice."
"Looking forward to future MET Conversations"

Networking in your niche
6 May 2021
Review on The Hive
"It was very good to talk with people that talk my 'same language'."
"Definitely worthwhile!"
"I love the MET Conversation format!"

Presenting skills: content and delivery
12 April 2021
Review on The Hive
"I love the format! Besides the substance of the conversation itself, it's a great way to meet fellow translators."
"It's always great. Nice small groups work really well. Very interesting topic."
"I enjoyed the interaction with other translators."

Keeping your other language(s) alive
16 March 2021
Review on The Hive
"Thanks! I just joined MET, and this was a great introduction!"
"Nice friendly atmosphere as always."

Am I a pedant?
17 February 2021
Review on The Hive
"I found this conversation so useful and fun!"
"A lively, enjoyable exchange that went beyond a mere sharing of peeves."

Past, present and future
12 January 2021
"Such a pleasure to meet with people who 'speak the same language'."
"This MET Conversation was made enjoyable by the people and the small group dynamic."

Corpus shop talk
23 November 2020
Review on The Hive
"I loved seeing all the faces and hearing all the voices!"
"I got a lot of good information on where to start with corpus building. Thanks so much for sharing!"
"This was a great event, thank you!"

Tech tips
8 September 2020
Review on The Hive
"It really felt like we were all in the same room."
"The topic was relevant; I got some good tips and I loved hearing how people go about their work."
"It was great to hear more in-depth recommendations about tools people use and how they've got everything set up both physically and virtually in their office space."

Grammar clinic
13 August 2020
Review on The Hive
"It was lovely to see familiar faces and get our thinking caps on about grammar questions. It made me think about the choices I make while translating."
"Another enjoyable chat!"

Learning in lockdown
22 July 2020
"This was a great way to meet everyone (especially as I'm a new member) and the breakout group was a good size, so everyone got a chance to say something."
"Thank you so much for organizing this. It was so nice just to see everyone."