The Hive

The Hive is MET’s hub for useful tools and resources. Curated by members for members, this online knowledge base contains everything from writing tips to tool recommendations as well as training offers by MET members and write-ups of MET’s formal and informal CPD events, all in one easy-to-access location. In addition, non-members can read reviews of our conference presentations, the METM chronicles.

One of MET’s main objectives is to share knowledge, but this can be a challenge outside MET meetings and workshops, with members spread across the Mediterranean region and beyond. The Hive is our way of harnessing members’ collective knowledge so that we all benefit, all year round.

From time to time, we all come across interesting resources, tips and tools online and elsewhere. But these can soon become impossible to track down, even a few days later. The Hive is the place for resources that won’t disappear and are easy to find. It is also a showcase for resources authored by MET members.

User-friendly and searchable by category, the Hive is essentially a library – not of books but of posts. Each entry has an image, a short description and a link to the content. So it's simple to post, and all members are encouraged to do so to keep the Hive alive!

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