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Perfecting it with PerfectIt: keeping your writing in check

Ensuring consistency and compliance with style guidelines is difficult when working on large documents. PerfectIt makes it easier. The workshop will begin with a basic introduction to the tool and how it can be used to ensure consistency without adding any rules. Next, participants will take part in an exercise using one of the style sheets supplied with the tool; they will then work on customizing style sheets so that they can learn how to enforce any style guidelines sent by their clients.

Facilitator: Timothy Barton

Purpose: To show participants how to configure and use PerfectIt so that they feel confident using the default style sheets and creating customized style sheets to ensure their documents comply with their clients’ needs.

Description: Participants will learn how they can use PerfectIt out of the box and how they can customize it to fit a particular style.

Structure: I will present the latest version of the tool and explain the differences between the classic and cloud versions in terms of compatibility and functions. Participants will then complete an exercise that involves using a default style sheet to check a document I will provide. Next, they will use a different style sheet on the same document to better understand the range of options available. In the final part of the session, I will show participants how to customize a style sheet, including using the powerful “wildcard” settings. They will then have the opportunity to create customized rules to meet the requirements of their clients.

Who should attend? This session is of interest to language professionals who translate Word documents into English or edit Word documents in English. Those who work primarily in a computer-assisted translation tool will also benefit, as PerfectIt can be used in the final stage of a translation, just before delivery to the client. It will benefit new users of PerfectIt as well as existing users who do not use the more advanced functions.

Outcomes: Participants will have learned how to use PerfectIt and how to customize style sheets. They will also have learned how to back up their style sheets and move them from one computer to another.

Pre-workshop information: Participants may download the 14-day trial and begin experimenting with the program. I recommend that they familiarize themselves with a style guide – preferably one used by one of their clients – so that they can create their own customized style sheet more quickly. Participants should bring their own laptops. Please note that although the new Cloud version of PerfectIt can be used on both Windows and Mac, it does not allow customized style sheets. It is therefore recommended that participants bring a Windows laptop. Non-Windows users will not be able to use customized style sheets. Users who hold a licence for an older version of PerfectIt will need to install the latest version for the workshop. They can revert to the older version after the workshop.
About the facilitator: Timothy Barton is a freelance translator and editor based in Oranjemund, Namibia. He specializes in macroeconomics, trade and development, working mainly for international institutions such as the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Trade Organization. His book translations include The Great Recession: A Subversive View by Carles Manera and Reducing the Public Deficit by Philippe Veisseire..

Timothy is a member of MET, APTIC (Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya), AITC (Association internationale des traducteurs de conference) and SFT (Société française des traducteurs).