Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2010

Facilitating knowledge transfer –
through editing, translation, coaching

28-30 October 2010
Universitat Rovira i Virgili,
Campus Catalunya, Avinguda de Catalunya, 35,
43002 Tarragona, Spain

Conference program

28 Oct 2010 – Thursday afternoon workshops
15:30– 16:00 CHECK-INThe desk opens for those arriving for Thursday afternoon workshops.
Practical stats, part 1: understanding and reporting descriptive and bivariate analysesDarko Hren, Split, Croatia Revision matters: why, how and how much?Ailish Maher and Luci Vazquez, Barcelona, Spain Ready, steady, edit: an introduction to editing medical texts Felicity Neilson, Paris, France Righting citing: principles and strategies for editors and translators Iain Patten, London, UK, and Valencia, Spain
19:15~ 20:45 WALKING TOUR – Getting to know Tarragona – We'll point out recommended streets or areas where you can find restaurants or tapas bars to get a bite with old and new friends after the walk. [].
29 Oct 2010 – Friday morning workshops
9:00– 9:30 CHECK-INThe desk opens for those arriving for Friday morning workshops.
Practical stats, part 2: understanding and reporting regression analyses and multivariate ANOVA models Darko Hren, Split, Croatia Approaches to effective paragraphing: the topic sentence revisited John Bates, Tarragona, Spain Abstracts and introductions: genre analysis for editors and translators of research articles Alan Lounds, Barcelona, Spain Handling plagiarism: an interactive workshop for manuscript editors Marije de Jager, Rovereto, Italy, and Dado Cakalo, Zagreb, Croatia Anatomy, part 2: understanding the skin Philip Bazire, El Molar, Spain
12:30– 15:30 LUNCH BREAKOn your own at spots pointed out on the Thursday evening walk
29 Oct 2010 – Friday afternoon
15:00– 15:30 CHECK-IN
The desk opens for badge and folder pick-up.
Friday afternoon at a glance
15:30–16:00 Welcome
16:00–16:45 Knowledge update: Sensitive language
16:45–17:15 Presentation: Scholarly gratitude
17:15–18:00 Coffee break & poster viewing
18:00–18:30 Presentation: Publication strategies
18:35–19:45 Plenary talk: Emma Wagner
19:45–20:45 Informal reception
15:30– 16:00 WELCOME
Dr. John Style, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
John Bates, Head of the Language Service, Universitat Rovira i Virgili and METM10 organizer in Tarragona
Mary Ellen Kerans, Council Chair, Mediterranean Editors and Translators
The use and abuse of sensitive language – a case-based knowledge updateSarah Griffin-Mason, Portsmouth, UK
16:45– 17:15 PRESENTATIONResearch
Scholarly gratitude in English- and non-English-speaking countries: a diachronic and cross-generic study of acknowledgments in medical discourse (1950–2010) Françoise Salager-Meyer, Venezuela; María Angeles Alcaraz Ariza, Spain; Georges Jabbour and Marianela Luzardo Briceño, Venezuela
17:15– 18:00 COFFEE BREAKPoster presenters will be available to discuss their work.
18:00– 18:30 PRESENTATIONPromising practices
The journal article publication strategies of Spanish researchers: preliminary survey results Sally Burgess, Ana Moreno, Jesús Rey Rocha and Irene López Navarro for members of the National Team for Intercultural Studies of Academic Discourse (ENEIDA), La Laguna, León and Madrid, Spain
18:35– 19:45 PLENARY TALK
Editing and clear writing: understanding the European Commission’s campaign – Emma Wagner

Emma Wagner, M.A. (Cantab.), Dip. Trans. & Interp. (Bath), and a fellow of the UK's Institute of Translation and Interpreting, has been active in translation for 39 years, mainly at the European Commission, where she is now working in the Directorate General for Translation.

Emma Wagner will be introduced by Joy Burrough-Boenisch – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
19:45– 20:45 RECEPTIONInformal reception & ice breaker: wine, juices, regional snacks
30 Oct 2010 – Saturday
8:30 CHECK-INThe desk opens for badge and folder pick-up. Saturday at a glance
9:00–9:30 Presentation: Fomenting revolution–
9:30–11:00 Workshop: Storytelling techniques, and Knowledge updates: Corpus-guided decision making and Legal terminology
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
11:30–12:30 Presentations: Coaching for presentations, Audiovisual presentations, Networking among MET members and Overcoming cultural barriers
12:35–13:45 Plenary talk: Jean-luc Doumont
13:45–15:15 Lunch break
15:15–16:45 Presentations: Criteria for excellence, Genre awareness, Know thy audiences and
Panel discussion: Practical solutions
17:00–19:00 MET General Assembly
20:30 Closing supper
9:00– 9:30 PRESENTATIONPromising practices
Fomenting revolution? Posters at Erasmus Medical Centre (Netherlands) Joy Burrough-Boenisch and David Alexander, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
9:30– 11:00 SHORT WORKSHOPPromising practices KNOWLEDGE UPDATES
Using storytelling techniques to create high-impact PowerPoint presentations Sara Freitas, Grenoble, France Further tools for corpus-guided decision-making: a knowledge update David Cullen and Mary Ellen Kerans, Barcelona, Spain
Legal terminology overview: How the UK and US systems affect the choice of terms used by freelance translators Caroline Devitt, Spain
11:00– 11:30 COFFEE BREAK
11:30– 12:30 PRESENTATIONSPromising practices
After the translation, now what? Coaching non-native English speaking clients to deliver more effective presentations Jeffrey M. Breyer, Barcelona, Spain Closing the distance gap – approaches for networking among MET members on joint projects Jonathan McFarland and Alison Turner, Soller, Majorca, and Málaga, Spain
Working with visual grammar and graded transparency to create navigable slides for audiovisual presentations Simon Bartlett, Madrid, Spain Overcoming cultural barriers through editorial training Paola De Castro, Daniela Marsili, Federica Napolitani, Elisabetta Poltronieri, Anna Maria Rossi, Sandra Salinetti, Rome, Italy
12:35– 13:45 PLENARY TALK
Effective slides: design, construction, and use – Jean-luc Doumont

Jean-luc Doumont, an engineer who trained at the Louvain School of Engineering and received his PhD in applied physics from Stanford University, now devotes his time and energy to training engineers, scientists, business people, and other rational minds in effective communication, pedagogy, statistical thinking, and related themes. [].

Jean-luc Doumont will be introduced by Mary Ellen Kerans – Barcelona, Spain
13:45– 15:15 LUNCH BREAKCatering at the venue
15:15– 16:45 PRESENTATIONSPromising practices in education PANEL DISCUSSIONPromising practices
What makes writing good? A look at our criteria for excellence in modern English writing Mary Ellen Kerans, Barcelona, Spain Practical solutions for getting the most out of your working environment Anne Murray, Girona, Spain; Ann King, Barcelona, Spain; and Kim Eddy, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Raising genre awareness in translation: learning processes, outcomes and the link with employability Carmen Pérez-Llantada, Zaragoza, Spain
‘Know thy audiences’: teaching a marketing approach to scientists to improve their research communication A. Chapin Rodríguez, Zagreb, Croatia
17:00– 19:00 MET GENERAL ASSEMBLYMET General Assembly and open discussion
31 Oct 2010 – Sunday (See social program for details.)
10:00 Sign up at the registration desk on Thursday and Friday.