Craft & Critical Vision: Diving Beneath the Surface of Discourse

8-10 November 2012, Venice, Italy

METM12 - Program topics

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Plenary speakers

Loredana Polezzi, University of Warwick (Warwick, UK): Travelling, writing, translating [read more] Tom Jefferson, Cochrane Collaboration (Rome, Italy): The Cochrane Collaboration and current problems in research synthesis [read more]


Why authors' editors and translators are needed more than ever in the evolving research publication environment — Karen Shashok (Granada, Spain) [read more]

Quotations: lost in translation? — Ailish Maher (Barcelona, Spain) [read more]

Translation Nation: how the translation of world stories in primary schools improves levels of creative English in second language and native English speakers alike — Sarah Ardizzone (London, UK) [read more]

Is it useful for a freelance translator to carry out a customer satisfaction survey? — Michael Farrell (Mortara, Italy) [read more]

How to solve terminology problems more quickly: IntelliWebSearch — Michael Farrell (Mortara, Italy) [read more]

More idiosyncrasy than meets the eye: the complex challenges of training in writing for academic purposes — Anne Pallant (Reading, UK) and Sally Burgess (La Laguna, Spain) [read more]

Didactic editing: a practice beneficial to both author and editor — Joy Burrough-Boenisch (Renkum, Netherlands) [read more]

(Mis)Communications in email exchanges in academic settings: a preliminary study — Bella Rubin and Helen Sarid (Tel Aviv, Israel) [read more]

Overcoming rhetorical incompatibilities in academic writing: English versus the Romance cultures — Karen Bennett (Lisbon, Portugal) [read more]

Integration 2.0: collaborative, social and volunteer translation at the service of immigrants and host society — Barbara Quaranta (Campobasso, Italy) [read more]

The editor as teacher — Sharon Hirsch (Jerusalem, Israel) [read more]

Reporting guidelines in medical research — Veerle Persy (Antwerp, Belgium) [read more]

Open access: a brief tour of this publishing model — Jason Willis-Lee (Madrid, Spain) [read more]

Panel discussions

Editing and translating literature for the Sea of Words International Short Story Contest — coordinated by Mary Ellen Kerans (Barcelona, Spain) [read more]

Practical ideas for getting the most out of your working environment: part III — coordinated by Anne Murray (Girona, Spain) [read more]

News with practical implications from the world of biomedical editors — coordinated by Jason Willis-Lee (Madrid, Spain) [read more]

Craft and critical vision: mastering the skills of good writing — coordinated by Valerie Matarese (Vidor, Italy) and Marije de Jager (Rovereto, Italy) [read more]


Strategies for grant writing: Tips and tricks for writers, editors and writing teachers — Federica Piccolo (Selvazzano, Italy) [read more]

Choosing and using an author name — Jackie Senior (Groningen, Netherlands) [read more]

Aldo Manuzio and his legacy to the language profession — Valerie Matarese (Vidor, Italy) [read more]

Seven years of Mediterranean Editors and Translators: Coming in from the cold — Catherine Mark (Madrid, Spain) [read more]

Preconference workshops

Thursday afternoon

Ready, Steady, Edit: an introduction to editing medical texts — Felicity Neilson (Paris, France) [read more]

Approaches to effective paragraphing — John Bates (Tarragona, Spain) [read more]

Practical stats 1: understanding and reporting descriptive and bivariate analyses — Darko Hren (Split, Croatia) [read more]

Anatomy, part 3: the nervous system, an overview for English language specialists — Philip Bazire (El Molar, Spain) [read more]

Friday morning

Getting started in financial translation — Stephen Waller (Barcelona, Spain) [read more]

An introduction to editing non-native English for application to different types of text — Joy Burrough-Boenisch (Renkum, Netherlands) [read more]

Translation revision: why, how and how much? — Luci Vázquez (Barcelona, Spain) and Ailish Maher (Barcelona, Spain) [read more]

Practical stats 2: understanding and reporting regression analyses and multivariate ANOVA models — Darko Hren (Split, Croatia) [read more]

Editing literary translations: a hands-on experience inspired by MET’s Sea of Words project — Kelly Dickeson (Tarragona, Spain) and Aisha Prigann (Barcelona, Spain) [read more]