Interdisciplinary Collaboration – International Communication


Friday, 4 November 2005
14.00 Registration opens

Friday's topics at a glance

15.30-16.45 - Parallel sessions: Practical text management/New trends
17.00-18.20 - Parallel sessions: Teaching writing skills/Practical text management
18.40-19.20 - Inaugural address
19.20-20.40 - Keynote speech: Joy Burrough-Boenisch

14.30-15.30 Coffee get-together
After an early lunch, come to meet other participants over coffee and dessert before the sessions start at 15.30.

Parallel sessions
  Room 1   Room 2

When translators edit—issues in potentially conflicting roles
Karen Shashok, freelance translator and author’s editor, Granada, Spain


Insights from translation studies: what’s new in localisation theory and practice
Anthony Pym, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain


Cover-to-cover bilingual publication of scientific journals—new challenges for translators and editors
Mary Ellen Kerans, freelance author’s editor and translator, Barcelona, Spain


16.45-17.00 Break

Parallel sessions
  Room 1   Room 2

Improving referencing skills: considerations for the facilitation of academic writing
Iain Patten, freelance translator and author’s editor, Valencia, Spain


Improving biomedical research communication through an introductory course on journals and critical reading
Valerie Matarese,, Pieve di Soligo, TV, Italy


Editing translation: pitfalls in style, grammar and usage
Ann King, freelance translator and software trainer; Jane Lewis, freelance translator and interpreter, both of Barcelona, Spain


Negotiating the final text: ideas for guaranteeing the quality of current and future translations and corrections
Malcolm Hayes, International Communications and Technical Services, Lleida, Spain


18.20-18.40 Break



Welcome: reflections on the conference theme:
Interdisciplinary Collaboration—International Communication

Ricard Guerrero, University of Barcelona, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; and Editor-in-Chief, International Microbiology, Barcelona, Spain
Angel Cardama, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain


Keynote speech

The sense of editors’ associations: a case report on SENSE, an editors’ group in the Netherlands
Joy Burrough-Boenisch, PhD, Wageningen, Netherlands


Dr. Burrough-Boenisch is a founding member of SENSE (the Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors in the Netherlands) a model self-help association for language professionals. She is a practicing author’s editor whose work on the authoring, reading, and editing of scientific articles has appeared in English for Specific Purposes, Journal of Second Language Writing, Written Communication and European Science Editor.

20.40-22.00 Welcome reception
Please stay for informal conversation with participants and presenters—over Spanish wines and a light Spanish supper of tapas.
Saturday, 5 November 2005
8.30-9.00 Registration

Saturday's topics at a glance

9.00-10.15 - Panel discussion: Reflections on interdisciplinary practice
10.30-11.45 - Parallel sessions: Editing for the non-native English writer/Client needs
11.50-12.50 - Panel discussion: Client needs
13.00-14.15 - Keynote speech: Ana Marušić
16.00-17.15 - Panel discussion: Historical and social perspectives
17.30-18.45 - Panel discussion: Reflections on skills and development
18.45-19.45 - Panel and open discussion: Presentation of METM—the association


Panel discussion: Reflections on interdisciplinary practice

Translation and/as Dialog
Susan M. DiGiacomo, organizer, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Barcelona; with the following panelists:

Panelists: Josep Maria Comelles, anthropologist and psychiatrist, and Angel Martínez Hernáez, anthropologist, both of Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain; Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Ph.D, anthropologist, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA; Maria del Mar Pérez Iribarne, geneticist,and Antoni Serrano, MD, psychiatrist, both of Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, Spain


10.15-10.30 Break

Parallel sessions
  Room 1   Room 2

Four layers of manuscript editing at the Croatian Medical Journal—practical examples
Aleksandra Mišak, language editor, Croatian Medical Journal, Zagreb, Croatia


Training editors to be aware of how and why they edit non-native English
Joy Burrough Boenisch, author’s editor, Wageningen, Netherlands


Panel discussion: Reflections on needs and skills in academic translation in Spain

Approaches to translation and editing at university language services
Alan Lounds, panel organizer, Servei de Llengües i Terminologia, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain



Panel discussion: Client needs

The publisher’s point of view: skills needed to support print or web presentation

Panelists: José Alonso and Joan Juan, Elsevier/Ediciones Doyma; Ann Graul, Prous Science; Mercè Piqueras, International Microbiology—all of Barcelona, Spain


12.50-13.00 Brief break


Keynote speech

A mentoring or educational role for national medical journals published in English
Ana Marušić, Zagreb, Croatia


Dr Marušić is a former president of the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)—a dynamic virtual organization whose trajectory is documented on their web page—and presently a member of the editorial board of Science Editor, the journal of the Council of Science Editors. As editor of the Croatian Medical Journal, Dr. Marušić has been instrumental in implementing an approach to peer review that serves to mentor young scientists, helping to create a critical mass of researchers in her region who publish successfully.

14.30-16.00 Conference lunch
We’ll take a short walk to a nearby restaurant and return for coffee at the conference venue.

Parallel sessions

  Room 1   Room 2

Issues in the history of Mediterranean science communication
Frances Luttikhuizen, editor and independent researcher, Barcelona, Spain; Alain Touwaide, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., USA ; Mary Ellen Kerans; freelance, Barcelona, Spain


Medical writing in the regulatory environment: a brief overview
Ben Young, Young Medical Communication, Madrid, Spain


Contrasting discourse styles in Spanish and English research article discussions: Evidence for progressive and retrogressive patterns
Ian Williams, University of Cantrabria, Santander, Spain


17.15-17.30 Break


Panel discussion: Reflections on skills and development

Interdisciplinary transitions—making the shift from subject expert, linguist or educator to language facilitator
Catherine Mark, organizer, author’s editor, Departamento de Inmunología y Oncología, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología/CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Panelists: Simon Bartlett, scientific communications officer, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, Madrid; Iain K. Patten and Mary Ellen Kerans, freelance author’s editors and translators, Valencia and Barcelona, respectively; Ben Young, Young Medical Communications, Madrid—all panelists from Spain



Panel and open discussion

Presentation of METM, the association—closing discussion and future plans
METM’s organizers: Mary Ellen Kerans, Frances Luttikhuizen, Carolyn Newey, Karen Shashok, Alan Lounds, Catherine Mark, Greg Morley (webmaster)

21.00 Post-conference supper, informal (optional event)
Please plan to join us for an informal supper at a convenient location—sign up for this optional event on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning during a break.

Optional social program

Closing dinner:
Join us for a farewell supper on Saturday night at a restaurant to be announced on the first day of METM 05. The restaurant—on the peninsula of Barceloneta if weather permits—will be economical. Sign up during a break on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Or sign up early by e-mail to Carolyn Newey: