METM22: Attendees' feedback

Audience in the auditorium at METM22

Comments from the post-METM survey

"METM really is an excellently organised conference and a very friendly bunch of people."
"I've never met a group of people both so organized and professional and extremely friendly. What's your secret?"
"METM has become the highlight of my professional year. Friendly atmosphere, excellent networking opportunities, feel part of community and ALWAYS learn something new!"
"The content was superb and you've made MET greener since METM19 in Split. Thanks for listening to members and always being open to feedback."
"METM is one of my favorite conferences so far!!! Small but not too small, lots of variety and great networking." 

Comments on social media

"METM22 was everything I expected and more – just fabulous!"
"This year was my first-ever METM and my oh my, what a lovely bunch you all are."
"While I am still trying to make up my (multilingual) mind, there is one thing I am certain about: I loved every minute of the meeting and not a single minute was wasted."
"These days were so intense, so rich in information, networking, culture, gastronomy that I felt overwhelmed with joy."

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