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Incorporating gender-inclusive language into our work

As our understanding of gender, diversity and identity changes, so do the languages we speak – and inclusive language seems to be a growing phenomenon worldwide. Speakers of gendered languages, like Spanish, French or German, will surely be aware of new gender-inclusive or genderless forms, but the users of less gender-heavy languages like English are not off the hook. Excluding and gendered language is woven into our society with a yarn so thin we might not even realize it’s there. Stereotypes, idioms and images present in our work penetrate our cultural identity and collective way of thinking, and we often don’t even question them.

Facilitator: Alicja Tokarska

Purpose: To provide some gender-inclusive language tips and tricks for language professionals who want to embrace current uses of inclusive language in their work (and in the way they think).

Description/structure: The workshop is divided into two parts:
  • an explanation of what gender-inclusive language is, why and how to use it, and why implementing it in our practice is not as hard as it may seem
  • an interactive session, during which participants will translate or edit a piece of writing to make it more inclusive

Who should attend? All language professionals (translators, editors, interpreters, copywriters, trainers, etc.) with an interest in the topic. 

Outcome skills: This workshop will allow participants to look more closely at unconscious biases that inhabit their languages and get to the root of the issue. It is open to language professionals working in any language, as the knowledge presented is transferable.

About the facilitator: Alicja Tokarska is a Polish translator and subtitler who specializes in inclusive language, sustainable fashion and textiles, culture and heritage, and marketing. In her free time, she learns the art of dressmaking and visible mending, goes on cycling trips with her partner, and cooks up a vegan storm in her kitchen. She is also a volunteer cohost on a Polish radio show in a local community station in Glasgow, Scotland.