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Human nutrition and climate change: a knowledge update for language professionals

Some of the most important crises humankind is facing today involve health and the environment. As these topics are frequently addressed in the news, it is common knowledge that human food production and consumption affect our own health and that of the planet. But do we as language professionals know enough to be able to work on this subject matter with confidence?

Facilitator: Carolina Rojido, MD MHA

Purpose: To provide editors and translators with the knowledge needed to face the increasing demand for language support in the interrelated fields of human nutrition and climate change.

Description: The workshop will give an overview of the history of nutritional science and how scientific findings have led to the notions and policies that are prevalent today. The facilitator will clarify the basic concepts and terminology of both nutrition and environmental science. The second part of the workshop will discuss the evidence behind sustainable diets and elucidate the link between human nutrition and climate change.

Who should attend? Editors, translators and writers with an interest in working in the fields of human nutrition and the environment. 

Outcome skills: Participants will have deepened their knowledge of human nutrition and its relationship to planetary health. They will be familiar with the current terminology and be acquainted with additional resources to expand their understanding of the subject matter.

Pre-workshop information: Participants will receive a document to read before attending. They will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to help the facilitator tailor the session to their needs.

About the facilitator: Carolina Rojido is a generalist physician with a master’s in health administration and a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. She worked in the United States for nine years, gaining experience in oncology, imaging and clinical gerontology research. Now based in France, she works as a medical writer and sustainable nutrition coach, reaching audiences ranging from lay to scientific in both online and in-person formats. She collaborates with the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University, the Physicians Association for Nutrition, and the European Medical Writers Association.