2020 helpers

METM19 group photo
  Photo: Elina Nocera, Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria, Italy
The Hive
Kymm Coveney (coordinator)
Wendy Baldwin (team leader)
Alan Lounds (team leader)
Susannah Goss
Jennifer Gray
Courtney Greenlaw
Heather Hamilton
Ailish Maher
Janet Klain Ratiu
Sarah Swift
Allison Wright
Stephen Waller (administrator)

The following people worked hard to prepare for this event, which was sadly cancelled
Emma Goldsmith (coordinator)  
Wendy Baldwin (local organization)  
Heather Hamilton (local organization)  
Kelly Dickeson (content coordinator)  
Marije de Jager (workshop coordinator)  
Oliver Shaw (keynote liaison)  
Kit Cree (off-METMs)  
Michael Farrell (sponsorship coordinator)  
Kim Eddy (support)  
Mary Savage (content team)  
Sally Burgess (content team)  
Helen Oclee-Brown (content team)  
Alan Lounds (content team)  
Rob Lunn (content team)
Thanks also go to all those who submitted proposals, only to have the review process brought to a halt, and to the peer reviewers for their critical and constructive suggestions

Content team
Marije de Jager (coordinator)
Wendy Baldwin (assistant to CPD chair)
Emma Goldsmith
Stephen Waller

Workshop developers/facilitators
Michael Farrell
Carolina Rojido
Karen Shashok
Maria Sherwood-Smith and Theresa Truax-Gischler

Local organizers Barcelona workshop day
Mary Ellen Kerans
Alan Lounds
Thanks also to the peer reviewers for their critical appraisal of the workshop proposals
Anna Lindh Foundation liaison
Mary Ellen Kerans
Eleanor Staniforth

Susannah Goss

Online General Assembly
Stephen Waller

Joy Burrough-Boenisch
Jackie Senior

METM Revisited
Kelly Dickeson (coordinator)
Rob Lunn (host)
Kit Cree (Off-METM programme)
Ruth Simpson (music: composition and recording)
Francesca Matteoda (yoga instructor)

METM Revisited language breakout leaders
Laura Bennett (IT>EN)
Elizabeth Garrison (IT>EN)
Jeanette Hodgman (ES>EN)
Kate Major (ES>EN)
Louise Normandiere (FR>EN)
Ruth Simpson (FR>EN)

MET Conversations
Kit Cree (host)
Anne Murray (tech)

Welcome Chats
Emma Goldsmith (host)
Anne Murray (co-host)
Karin Rockstad (co-host)

Humanities and Social Sciences Hub
Theresa Truax-Gischler 
Wendy Baldwin

Basque Book Club
Kit Cree
Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

MET Bookshelf
Valerie Matarese (coordinator)
Amanda Dixon-El Hachem
María Fernández
Martina Petrinovic