MET is back to work in September


MET is back in action after the summer break. In just two weeks (15/09/17), we’ll be welcoming members to IEMeD in Barcelona for a day of training (fully booked, in case you were hoping for a spot).

In the morning, Juliet Haydock will be leading a workshop on translation workflows. And in the afternoon, we’ll have three more speakers for our MET medley of talks. Here’s a quick summary of this year’s medley:
  • Client mapping and profiling: an experiment (Anne Murray)
  • False friends and absent friends (Alan Lounds)
  • What makes you special? The how and why of specialization (Simon Berill)
A busy day will turn into a busy weekend for some: once she’s wrapped up her talk, MET chair Anne Murray, accompanied by webmaster Emma Goldsmith, will dash off to represent MET at the annual Red Vértice meeting, this year kindly hosted by our colleagues from UniCo and IAPTI.

And of course, the METM17 organizing team, MET Council and our fantastic team of helpers are working hard to put the finishing touches to our conference plans. Exciting times!