Spring 2017 has been a busy period for MET members.

In May, members in Madrid welcomed Dr Farhad Handjani, President of EMAME, to the city. Over a hearty lunch, MET stalwart Karen Shashok explained how MET and EMAME became sister organizations and how we can continue to support our colleagues in the Eastern Mediterranean. Dr Handjani then regaled the group with tales of his work in dermatology and his close working relationship with medical editors and writers in Iran. He also suggested areas that our associations could explore together.

May also saw MET establishing contact with an exciting new group of colleagues in the Southern Mediterranean: the Interpreters and Translators Club Libya. MET member Birgit Bonde Jensen and MET vice-chair Marije de Jager joined Libyan colleagues for a Skype chat to discuss how speaking a foreign language can influence your identity. We are grateful to the Club for proposing this virtual get-together and for giving us the chance to get to know colleagues from across the sea.

And June brought this spring’s MET-APTIC season in Barcelona to a close. Colleagues enjoyed a celebratory dinner at El dinàmic de BCN, where we’re sure they discussed plans for the autumn programme! The MET-APTIC meetings are always a great opportunity to get together with colleagues – and to get away from our desks. There'll be more to look forward to in the autumn, so keep your eyes peeled for updates after the summer break.