RWS sponsoring METM23


As the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled language services, RWS is a well-established player in the language sector and a go-to name for many professional translators. 

Trados, which is part of RWS Holdings plc, helps localization professionals translate everything. By offering a range of secure, intelligent translation solutions, RWS enables everyone across the global translation supply chain to streamline, centralize and manage their translation work efficiently.

RWS helps its clients unlock global understanding. By combining cultural understanding with technical understanding, RWS helps them deliver engaging multilingual content, maintain compliance and gain actionable insights.

MET is grateful for the support of RWS and delighted to have them on board once again as a sponsor at METM23 in Mantua.

For more information about METM23's sponsors, see our sponsorship page. And if you'd like to sponsor or support our conference, please write to our sponsorship coordinator.