Renewal FAQs

No, you don’t have to tell us unless you pay by direct debit in Spain. In that case, please contact the treasurer. Otherwise, your membership will simply expire at the end of the year.

If you'd like to receive occasional emails about upcoming MET events, sign up for our non-members mailing list.

No, our treasurer will send an invoice shortly after your payment has come through.

No, your membership will expire on 31 December next year.

Because we send the first reminder to all current MET members. Please just ignore the email.

If you pay by transfer or credit card, simply select the age 65+ field when you renew and pay the reduced fee of €19. If you pay by direct debit, please contact the treasurer as soon as possible.

We process direct debits in the last week of January each year and we'll warn you a few weeks beforehand. If your bank details have changed this year or you are now in the age 65+ category, please contact the treasurer with the new information.

The renewal process is manual, so we’ll be in contact with all institutional representatives in the new year unless you've already renewed.

Got another question?

Please contact the Membership Chair.

For accounting purposes, renewals will be closed from midnight CET on 28 December until 2 January.