The Language Service (UAB Idiomes Campus) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona provides a broad range of language-support services to the university community, to affiliated groups and organisations and, in certain ambits, to the public in general.

The Language Service offers language-teaching courses, cultural welcoming and promotional services, language assessment and level-accreditation services and language advisory and translation services.

The Language Advisory and Translation Unit (UALT: Unitat d’Assesorament Lingüístic i Traduccions) provides the UAB with text-editing and translation services in all areas of the University’s institutional, administrative, promotional and academic work.

The UALT is actively involved in producing language-support resources such as ambit-specific style guides, nomenclatures and guides for writing course syllabuses. The unit also provides dedicated support to the University’s International Office, the Area of Academic Affairs, the Rector’s Office, the Legal Office, the Communication and Promotions Office and the Language-Policy Committee.

The UALT consists of a small group of in-house translators, but also works with a dynamic and long-standing group of freelance professionals. We principally work in Catalan, English and Spanish, but offer several other language combinations.

We are always pleased to hear from experienced professionals who might be interested in working with us, particularly if you have worked in academic translation or editing. We can be contacted here.