METM22 – Call for proposals

The personal touch

****The METM22 call for proposals is now CLOSED! Many thanks to everyone who submitted an abstract.****

At METM22, we want to hear how you navigate relationships with clients and fellow professionals, how these interactions shape your work, and how the pandemic has affected your working practices. And as a nod to our host city, we’re keen to hear your experiences of minority languages, from personal and professional perspectives.

As ever, we also welcome proposals that respond to MET’s broad interest in helping language professionals improve the quality of their services and their ability to respond to clients’ diverse needs.  

Specifically, we welcome proposals in the following areas:

  • The personal touch
  • Minority languages
  • Language and applied linguistics
  • Business practices
  • Subject-matter expertise
  • Interactive sessions
Typical METM presentations describe promising practices, provide knowledge updates or report research findings. To explore the scope of topics covered at past METMs, browse the past conferences pages of our website.

Priority will be given to original proposals that express a clear take-home message and explain the relevance of the presentation to our members.

MET is a knowledge-sharing and peer-training network. We encourage submissions from both seasoned and novice presenters with expertise to share. 

Standalone presentations usually last 30 or 45 minutes, including time for discussion. Panel discussions can be 60 to 90 minutes. We particularly encourage proposals that involve active participation and interaction.

Review process
All abstracts accepted for peer review will be separately evaluated by two reviewers in a double-blind process. We may ask for additional details or revisions if doubts arise during peer review.

No final decisions on programme content will be made until all abstracts have been reviewed and evaluated (April-May 2022). 

Speaker benefits and obligations
Accepted speakers can register for METM22 at a discounted rate. MET does not cover speakers’ travel, accommodation or other expenses. All speakers must register and pay for the conference within two weeks of registration opening and are expected to follow MET’s guidelines on presentations and slides

Write to Mary Savage, content coordinator, to discuss your proposal before submitting or to Marije de Jager, CPD chair, to propose a pre-conference workshop.

The deadline for submissions is 28 February 2022.