Ana Sofia Correia

Contact details
Rua Conselheiro Vicente Ferrer n°104
Vilarinho LSA
Professional profile
Language pairs
English > Portuguese
Areas of expertise
General science
Medicine and Health
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Qualifications and experience
English/Portuguese translator, specialized in the fields of
Life Sciences & Healthcare and Social Sciences & Humanities.
Over ten years of experience, both as a freelance and in-house translator.
(CV and references available upon request)   
Translation and review of medical and pharmaceutical material, including:
  • medical equipment (packaging, software, user interface, and user guides);
  • clinical trial protocols and reports;
  • research proposals and related documentation;
  • summary of product characteristics (RCMs), labeling, and patient information leaflets (PILs);
  • information/marketing material for patients and clinicians.
Translation and review of research and scientific texts, including:
  • journal papers;
  • book chapters;
  • conference presentations;
  • research proposals;
  • website contents;
  • event information.
Linguistic validation of clinical outcome assessments (COAs) and other assessment tools.
This includes the collaboration in and/or management of all steps throughout the validation process:
  • forward translation;
  • backward translation;
  • technical review (by a clinician);
  • cognitive interviews (with patients or healthy subjects);
  • proofreading and finalization.
Audio & video transcription:
  • general, legal, or medical transcription;
  • interview/meeting transcription.