Cosnautas to sponsor METM22


Cosnautas, the online home of the most important resources in English–Spanish medical translation and writing, is sponsoring METM22.

The site features Fernando A. Navarro’s Libro rojo, a bilingual dictionary that helps solve terminology doubts, avoid false friends and unravel the logic of medical translation. It’s a must-use resource for all medical translators who work with Spanish and English.

Cosnautas is also home to Siglas médicas en español, which can be accessed free of charge after registering on the site. To see a full list of resources, browse the catalogue

Thank you to Cosnautas for sponsoring this year’s conference – we're delighted to have you back!

For more information about METM22's sponsors, see our sponsorship page. And if you'd like to sponsor or support our conference, please write to our sponsorship coordinator.