MET council meeting in Girona


MET Council members descended on Girona on Friday 19 January for their annual council retreat.

Top of our agenda was scouting out locations for METM18. We visited Centre Cultural La Mercè, our main conference venue, plus a few other secret locations – watch this space.

On Saturday, we got down to the serious business of MET management. Each member presented a short report on their area of responsibility to bring us all up to speed. CPD Chair Alan Lounds unfortunately had to give his report remotely. (Get well soon, Alan!)

We then looked at ways to make our association more sustainable and discussed matters raised by our members, which we will follow up at this year’s general assembly.

After more plotting and planning for METM18, we turned our attention to future workshops and METM19.

With Council members spread far and wide, these face-to-face meetings provide a much-needed opportunity to plough through the year’s work and keep MET running smoothly.