MET Council meeting


MET Chair Emma Goldsmith welcomed Council members to her home village outside Madrid for the weekend of 30-31 October.

We kicked off by discussing issues related to MET governance and looking back over the past year, including our first full online conference, METM21.

The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to the coming year, giving shape to our CPD programme as well as forging ahead with METM22. Although much of the groundwork had already been done in preparation for METM20, there was still a lot to discuss. Stay tuned for more news in the new year.

We were thrilled to meet in person this year. Face-to-face meetings help strengthen our team and are a welcome change from the online communication channels we use to keep MET running smoothly the rest of the year.

Council meeting in Madrid
From left to right: Wendy Baldwin, Marije de Jager, Helen Oclee-Brown, Michael Farrell, Emma Goldsmith, Rob Lunn, Mary Savage and Heather Hamilton