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Current work:
The revision of a Portuguese-English translation in collaboration with the translator of a biography of a prominent contemporary figure (200,000 words).

Autumn 2015:
Original work: Adriano Ramos Pinto – Vinhos e Arte, 2013. Graça Nicolau de Almeida, J.A. Gonçalves Guimarães,  Adriano Ramos Pinto (Vinhos) S.A., ISBN 978-972-95713-7-4
The English translation,  Adriano Ramos Pinto – Wine and Art, is scheduled for publication in autumn 2015.
Based on a recommendation made by the translator who revised my translation of the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal to the Porto-based Casa Ramos Pinto, I revised a 77,000-word translation from Portuguese into English of this remarkably rich corporate history spanning over 150 years. Revision made use of my knowledge of the wine sector and good general knowledge of the arts and cultural history.

Spring 2014:
Authentic Hotels and Cruises Guide ‒ 3rd edition ISBN: 978-2-9536368
A 15,000-word tourist guide to luxury hotels and cruises published as a French and English bilingual hard cover limited edition for a French quality guarantee label. Although I was credited with only having proofread this publication, extensive revision of all descriptions of the 337 hotels and 39 cruises featured was required, with each description strictly limited to a certain number of characters. Sadly, not all material on the website has been edited by me, since I only had limited input on the second edition of this publication, and in certain instances in respect of website copy, the editor’s choices did not follow my suggestions. A successful collaboration nevertheless, which continues with the quarterly newsletter issued by Authentic Hotels & Cruises.

January 2013:
Launch of the beta version of the Vine to Wine Circle portal:
I translated this portal into English, either from the German or the Portuguese. Material comprises the entire Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal translated in 2011 from German (125,000 words), and selected articles from O Grand Livro das Castas, ©2007, and additional material on the wine regions of Portugal written specifically for the portal translated in 2012 and 2013 (approximately 80,000 words). The German, English and Portuguese/Spanish editions of the Vine Atlas of Spain and Portugal received a Jury Award from the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) in the Viticulture category in June 2014. Further collaboration with the co-author and coordinator of these two works has extended to translation of his wine estate’s website, and to Portuguese to English gisting for an American keynote speaker at an international Symposium on Sustainable Viticulture held in January 2015 at the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon.

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