MET Council meeting in Tarragona


MET Council members hotfooted their way to Tarragona on Friday 15 November for their annual council retreat.

Top of the agenda was MET governance. We knuckled down on how to strengthen our community and harness our formidable team of volunteers. And of course, we looked back at METM19 to see what lessons we could learn and apply to METM20.

Speaking of which, thanks to our superb team on the ground, spearheaded by Wendy Baldwin and Heather Hamilton, METM20 preparations are well underway. In Tarragona, we looked at theme choices, content direction and potential speakers. Exciting times!

With Council members spread far and wide across Europe, these face-to-face meetings provide a much-needed opportunity to plan for the future and keep MET running smoothly.

MET Council Tarragona

L–R: Emma Goldsmith, Marije de Jager, Mary Savage, Kim Eddy, Kelly Dickeson, Rob Lunn, Michael Farrell. Photo: Helen Oclee-Brown