Wendy Baldwin

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Donostia/San Sebastián
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Social Sciences
Qualifications and experience

I specialize in academic editing and translation in the areas of social science and humanities that relate to language, cognition and learning both within and across individuals and within and across societies and cultures. Within that, I work in: 

  • Linguistics and all its subfields, including psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, first and second language acquisition, cognitive and functional approaches to syntax and linguistic theory, and linguistic description.
  • Language and cognitive disorders and testing.
  • Cognitive psychology.
  • Cognitive science.
  • Second language instruction and learning; computer-mediated instruction.
  • Theories and scholarship of teaching and learning, teacher training.

And because my education and experience ranges from the more qualitative and narrative end of the spectrum and to the more quantitative and experimental end, I sometimes work in the fields of:

  • Anthropology.
  • Literature.
  • Peace, conflict and justice studies; international relations.
  • Industrial organization, management and behavior.

I also help academics write by running structured writing retreats and academic and scientific writing seminars.


  • MA in Linguistics, University at Buffalo (2001). Primary specialization in psycholinguistics; secondary specializations in discourse analysis, syntax and cognitive science. As a PhD candidate (ABD), I worked in a psycholinguistics laboratory doing experiemental work on human sentence processing. 
  • MA in Linguistics, California State University Long Beach (1994). Primary specialization in psycholinguistcs and discourse analysis; secondary specializations in cognitive psychology and child language acquisition.
  • BA in Linguisitcs, University of California San Diego (1989). Major in Linguistics, minor in Spanish language and literature.
  • "Honing skills through near-peer exchange". Oral presentation at SENSE 2020 (online). 4 June 2020.
  • "Building a language professional–academic co-working partnership". Oral presentation at METM19, Split, Croatia. 28 September 2019.
Continuing professional development


  • Conference: Trabalengua, 4ª edición (online). 24-25 October 2020. 
  • Conference: 'EnClaro. Primera semana del lenguaje claro (online). 21-25 September 2020.
  • Masterclass: 'Metaphors to Write By'. Helen Sword (online). 16 July 2020.
  • Workshop: 'Getting to grips with connectors in English texts'. John Linnegar/SENSE 2020 (online). 26 June 2020.
  • Conference: SENSE 2020 (online). 3-5 June 2020.
  • Workshop: 'An iPad (and tablet) workout for language professionals'. Alexander Drechsel/SENSE (online). 23 May 2020.
  • Workshop: 'Macros for writers, editors and translators'. Paul Beverley/SENSE (online). 16 May 2020.
  • Member of SENSE, Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands. (2020-present).
  • Workshop: Refresher for Structured Wrting Retreat Facilitators. Rowena Murray/Anchorage Education. Howwood, Scotland. 27-29 January 2020.
  • Member of Asetrad (Asociación española de traductores, correctores e interpretes) (2016-2019).
  • Conference: Trabalengua. Logroño and San Millán de al Cogolla. 9-10 November 2019. 
  • Certification: Structured Writing Retreat Facilitation Training. Rowena Murray/Anchorage Education. Gartmore, Scotland. 25-27 April 2018.
  • Webinar: 'Tips and tricks for freelance translators to optimize their website'. Tess Whitty/SDL Webinars. 15 May 2017.
  • Webinar: 'Future-proofing your translation business'. Tess Whitty/SDL Webinars. 19 April 2017.