2010 workshop season


All workshops were held at the European Institute of the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

Description Fee
7 May
Approaches to effective paragraphing: the topic sentence revisited *
John Bates, Spain
28 May
Handling plagiarism: an interactive workshop for manuscript editors *
Marije de Jager, Italy
Dado Cakalo, Croatia
2 June
Translation revision: issues, dilemmas and good practices
Ailish Maher and Luci Vazquez, Spain
28 September
Anatomy, part 2: understanding the skin *
Philip Bazire, Spain
30 September

Celebrating International Translation Day

Knowledge updates
Two METM10 presentations will be piloted so that local members may attend other parallel sessions at the meeting in October:
Further tools for corpus-guided decision-making: a knowledge updateDavid Cullen and Mary Ellen Kerans, Barcelona, Spain
Legal terminology overview: How the UK and US systems affect the choice of terms used by freelance translatorsCaroline Devitt, Spain

Panel discussion
State of the language services market, September 2010Helen Casas, Ailish Maher, Paula James, Mary Ellen Kerans,and a panelist from Chef du Monde
for MET members and members of our sister associations: EASE, EMAME, APTIC and others in the ASOCESP network.
Registration is required.
If you’re not a member of MET or one of the mentioned associations, you’re still welcome if places are available. Write to the training chair to enquire.
1 October
Getting started in medical translation
Anne Murray, Spain
2 October
Abstracts and introductions: genre analysis for editors and translators of research articles §
Alan Lounds, Spain

* These new workshops have also been scheduled during the pre- METM10 program in Tarragona. The scheduling during the Barcelona workshop season gives our local members a chance to attend in the spring or September and then choose a different workshop at the October meeting.

Participants are advised that the workshop on handling texts with plagiarism will be of most benefit to those who have already attended Righting citing: principles and strategies for editors and translators or who have experience with academic manuscripts for publication in any field. Also, note that although the developers have oriented their workshop toward editors, we have found that we also detect plagiarism of ideas and paragraphing while translating for academic authors.

§ MET has decided to reschedule this workshop as a general strike has been called for 29 September.