2015 workshops

The first workshops for 2015 were held in February in an event organized jointly by MET and Asetrad in Madrid.

The second set of workshops was organized exclusively by MET and held at the IEMed in Barcelona in September.

Date Time Title and description Venue Fee
28 Feb
  MET-Asetrad event in Madrid Monedero Espacios, Travesía de Andrés Mellado, 3
28015 Madrid
Morning workshop: €30
Afternoon talks: €20
Full day: €40

Sister associations
Morning workshop: €35
Afternoon talks: €25
Full day: €45

General public
Morning workshop: €40
Afternoon talks: €30
Full day: €60

Early bird (until 13 Feb): 20% less
Places are limited!
10:00 - 13:00 WORKSHOPS (parallel)

EMA templates and EU terminology (MET)

Del dolmen a la cúpula renacentista: ¿cómo demonios sujetamos esto? (Asetrad, in Spanish)

Signposting the way: using punctuation to improve flow (MET)

Posicionamiento de los sitios web (Asetrad, in Spanish)
13:00 - 16:00 Optional lunch at a nearby restaurant (La Montaña)
16:00 - 18:00 FOUR SHORT TALKS (consecutive)

Empleo de hojas de Excel para la fiscalidad española (in Spanish)

Recursos para la traducción farmacéutica (in Spanish)

Español y punto (in Spanish)

False friends and absent friends

Stephen Waller and María Galán will present their respective associations
21:00 Optional dinner at La Tábula de las Descalzas
    Autumn workshops    
Friday, 25 September 17:00 - 18:15 Grammar pathway:
Parsing the parts of our speech: filling the gaps in our understanding of syntax
John Bates
IEMed, Aula 4, planta 3 Members: €15
Sister association* members: €17
Non-members: €20
18:45 - 20:00 Grammar pathway:
The subjunctive: are you in the mood?
Irwin Temkin
Members: €15
Sister association members: €17
Non-members: €20
Saturday, 26 September 9:30 - 12:45 Two aspects of information ordering that affect flow within sentences and beyond
Mary Ellen Kerans
IEMed, Aula 4, planta 3 Members: €30
Sister association members: €34
Non-members: €38

* MET's sister associations are SfEP, EMAME, EASE, AITI and the associations in the VÉRTICE network.