Mary Fons i Fleming

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Conference interpreter since 1986, translator since 1983.  Consultant interpreter since 2001.

FROM English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian
INTO English, Spanish, Catalan.

Biomedical interpreting since 1990, biomedical translation since 1995. EU policy and politics since 1986 (as an EU-accredited interpreter). Literature & art. Business & finance. Urban & spatial planning. A versatile, multifaceted conference interpreter with a very serious specialism in biomedical work.

As a conference interpreter, breadth of interests is a must; as a medical conference interpreter, an emphasis on science is essential, but my favorite sort of job is the type that requires me to pull together many different areas of knowledge in some depth (e.g., medicine and law, or music and neurology, or biology and ethics, or environmental science and social affairs).

As a translator I focus on articles for submission to journals (mostly biomedical, some in social science, mostly into English); project size and deadlines need to be compatible with conference interpreting. As a native bilingual (actually, trilingual), I have to work hard to keep my active languages in good shape.

As a consultant interpreter, I enjoy putting together a competent team of interpreters with the right languages, skills, and experience, as well as working with the client and on my own to ensure that the interpreters have everything they need to prepare for the meeting and contribute to its success. Being a partner at AIB gives me insight into the needs and perspectives of business customers.It also means that I have administrative support from our secretary and ongoing feedback and backup from my partners.

Founding member & past president of AIB - Agrupació d'Intèrprets de Barcelona, with responsibility for IT and past responsiblity for website content and some programming. Former interpreting lecturer at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation, UAB (1994-2003). Former English translation coordinator/editor for Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down journal SD-DS International Medical Journal on Down Syndrome. Past member of the AIIC webzine team (screening submissions, writing & editing). Past treasurer of ESPaiic, the Spain Region of AIIC,

Other memberships: AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters), Tremedica (Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines). APTIC (Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya).

Continuing professional development

Other relevant continuing education activities

"Problemas, métodos y cuestiones candentes en traducción médica", UIMP Santander, July 2015
"La traducció veterinària: un món per descobrir (EN>ES)", APTIC workshop, April 2015
"Author Queries," MET Sea of Words workshop, July 2014
"Del escritorio a la tarima: redacción y presentación oral de datos en biomedicina", Fundación Dr. Antonio Esteve and Universitat de Barcelona, July 2013