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I have over 20 years’ experience as a translator and copy-editor since obtaining my MSc in Translation and Conference Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University in 1998.

My main focus now is on editing academic articles and books written in English primarily by non-native speakers, helping these authors get their research published internationally. I work mostly for universities, research institutes and NGOs in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, the Czech Republic and Poland, among other countries, as well as for a few select corporate and individual clients. My areas of specialisation include social sciences, politics, environment, economics, history of science, and Irish studies.

I also translate from German into English in cooperation with other qualified and experienced professional translators and editors. We always revise each other’s work to ensure that the final translations delivered to the client are of a consistently high quality.


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Continuing professional development

Attended SENSE 2021 Professional Development Days

Attended BP16, Prague, Czech Republic

Participated in and presented at the following conferences at the Faculty of Management (later Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences) at Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Poland:

  • Human Factor in Business (2008)
  • CSR and Business Ethics (2009)
  • Strategic Management and Knowledge Management (2010)
  • Efficiency in Business (2012)
  • Business Development Opportunities (2013)

Attended the following online training courses:

  • A translator's guide to avoiding physical burnout
  • Basic Ergonomics for the Home Office
  • Be Special II: Standing Out in the Language Services Industry
  • Becoming an Outsourcer: Your Business Plan
  • Easy & Fun Project Management for the Freelancer in the 21st Century (Introduction)
  • Eat well, translate better
  • Effective Email Communication with the Customer for a Translator
  • Five Keys to Effective Search of High-End Clients for a Translator
  • Grow Your Business and Income Faster
  • Improving Effectiveness of Multi-Location Teams - “How do you know they’re working?”
  • Is The Customer Always Right?
  • Making More Money: Build Win-Win Relationships with Clients
  • Making More Money: Negotiation & Communication Skills
  • Making More Money: Present Yourself Professionally to Attract Clients
  • Making More Money: Translate More, More Easily
  • The price is right – pricing strategies for your translation services
  • Translation project management
  • Wordfast-AnyWhere
  • Yoga for translators: increase your concentration and fight the sitting disease