Before you book

We want to make METM24 accessible for everyone. Here’s what we have in place so far:

  • Pre-METM mixer online in September to connect or reconnect with fellow attendees.
  • Opt-in attendee list with photos on the website so you can put names to faces before you arrive.
  • Name badges for all attendees. Colour-coded lanyards: red for council members, green for first-time attendees and yellow for meal guests. Local team members will wear a white ribbon on their lanyard.
  • Compact, easy-to-navigate venue with most rooms side by side. See venue map.
  • The key conference venues and off-METM locations are marked on a pinned map with photos.
  • A quiet space for conference attendees – the Dame Carcas room is 100 metres away in the hotel annex (see above maps).

If you need anything else, please contact Hayley Smith before the conference.

  • The conference venue is in Carcassonne’s medieval citadel, where the streets are cobbled and slope gently in places. The walk up from the town centre is paved but steep, so bring comfortable footwear. The town centre below is compact and flat.
  • The venue is accessible only on foot, as the citadel is a pedestrian zone. A free shuttle service takes only people with reduced mobility between the hotel’s private car park in Parking Fontgrande and the venue (a short walk if you’re accompanying someone who needs assistance) (see pinned map). Call +33 (0)4 68 71 98 71 thirty minutes before arriving at the car park. This is the taxi drop-off and pick-up spot. To return to the car park, go to the hotel reception desk to request the shuttle and order a taxi to pick you up at the car park.
  • The main conference centre is ground floor only and fully accessible.
  • Four of the pre-conference workshop rooms are at the main venue. One is at Villa San Michele. See venue map.
  • The Villa San Michele workshop and conference room is 100 metres from the conference centre, accessed down seven broad stone steps from street level – there is no lift.
  • The welcome reception and closing dinner are at the conference centre – see the “At the conference” section below.
  • The Saturday lunch buffet will be served in the hotel restaurant, La Barbacane, next to the conference centre.
  • The Friday welcome reception and Saturday lunch are standing events. Seats are available if needed.
  • The conference centre has four toilets and Villa San Michele has three up a short flight of steps. Extra toilets are available near the hotel entrance down a long flight of stairs. The one wheelchair-accessible toilet is in the conference centre.

For all other queries contact Hayley Smith before the conference to let us know how we can help.

We’re keen to make METM24 as green as possible. This means no printed programme, swag, bag, raffle tickets, plastic cups or bottles. For the conference, please:

  • Use the conference app or print out the programme before you travel.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle – you can fill up at the coffee breaks.
  • Bring a bag, notepad and pen (unless you’re a digital note-taker).
  • Get your raffle ticket on the day by clicking the button at the bottom of My METM, which you can access after you register.
  • Find travel buddies on the METM24 Facebook group (see email registration confirmation for link).
  • Consider road and rail travel options if time and budget allow.

You can cancel your registration at any time by writing to our treasurer, Heather Hamilton. The cancellation fee is €40 until 31 July, €70 until 31 August and €150 until 15 September. No refunds will be processed after that date.

Yes! Go to My METM to update your details (dietary requirements, allergies, badge text) and other options (off-METM meal tables, city tour, yoga). Change anything you like until nearer the time, when we’ll freeze some items to finalize arrangements – we’ll give you some warning.

To switch workshops, contact Mary Savage. To change your arrangements for the welcome reception or closing dinner, contact Heather Hamilton.

Before you travel

The most common power socket in France is type E. You may also find type C. Read more.

  • In Android: open the METM24 pages in Chrome; tap the three-dot menu icon; select Add to Home screen.
  • In iOS: launch Safari; connect to the METM24 pages; tap the Share button; tap Add to Home Screen.

If you have any other queries before you set off, write to Hayley Smith.

At the conference

Check out this venue map and this pinned map for the venue and other key METM24 locations.

The desk will be open from 9:15 on Thursday. See the programme for details.

Please pay by cash on the day (exact change if possible). We book the tables and you split the bill with your fellow diners.

To arrange shared meals, travel or accommodation with fellow attendees, post in our private Facebook group (METM24 in Carcassonne). As an alternative to our off-METM tables, meet up with other meal buddies by the registration desk:

  • Thursday dinner: meet at 19:00
  • Friday lunch: meet at 12:00

Restaurants in France close much earlier than in Spain and Italy. Many restaurants in Carcassonne open at 19:00 and some close at 21:30.

No, but there are plenty of places nearby in the citadel.

We’ll share the password as soon as we know it.

Tag us!

Vegan options are available at coffee breaks, the welcome reception on Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Carcassonne has no vegan-only restaurants, but vegan dishes are offered at several venues around the town. Many restaurant owners will adapt to special dietary requirements if asked (especially if you call in advance). Note that vegan takeaway options are very limited in the citadel itself. The Bio Vivre organic shop in the new town is a good place to buy healthy vegan and gluten-free snacks.

There is a taxi rank at the airport and at the train station. You cannot flag down a taxi in the street, and you may even have to ring from the rank at the station.

Allo Taxi Carcassonne: +33 (0)4 68 71 50 50 (taxi rank at train station). You can also book by email, in English if you prefer.
Khouni: +33 (0)7 67 95 31 99 WhatsApp (roving service, ring in advance if possible). As well as two cars, they have four minibuses that can be booked 48 hours in advance.

  • Red lanyard: council member
  • Green lanyard: first-time attendee
  • Yellow lanyard: meal guest
  • White ribbon: local team

Please call by the registration desk or speak to a council member or one of the local team if there’s anything we can help you with. Council members will be wearing red lanyards. The local team will have white ribbons on their badges.