METM17: Attendees' feedback

Comments from the post-METM survey

"As a newcomer, I am delighted with the wide array of information, friendly exchange, both at a formal level in the conferences and workshops, as well as in the informal social meetings."
"A very high standard and a good mix, as always. The great thing about MET is that you end up enjoying the most unlikely sounding presentations that may be absolutely unrelated to the work you do."

"I think the conferences, the website and MET are all getting better, more interesting and diverse as the years go by. I see improvement everywhere and am more enthusiastic about being a member than ever before."

Comments on social media

"My expectations were high, and MET did not disappoint."
"This is the forum I have been seeking for so long! It’s nice to have arrived at home, finally."
"The event was deliberately kept intimate, which created a lot of opportunities for real conversations with new people."
"In the unlikely event that I was only able to go to one conference a year, I’d say it would have to be METM."
"Am still on a learning high and expect to be for some time to come."

Blog posts about METM17

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METM17 translation slam

Gained in Translation, an article in The New York Review of Books 
by keynote speaker and slam moderator, Tim Parks