METM18: Attendees' feedback

METM18 feedback

Comments from the post-METM survey

"Superb event, brilliantly organized, bringing together a wonderful mix of people."

"I truly enjoyed my first METM."

"Every session teaches you something useful, even if it's not in your particular area."

"Brilliant conference: participants, content, venue and organization were all first-rate!"

"This conference is always something I look forward to – the talented and fascinating people, the stimulating conversations, and the opportunity to learn new things in the most unexpected ways." 

Comments on social media

"A wonderful first MET Conference with some lovely colleagues in a beautiful and peaceful setting – good for the senses and the mind."

"Giving credit where it's due, #METM18 organisers you did a cracking job; I thoroughly enjoyed it all."

"Loved it all but the best part was feeling at home in a tribe of other outsiders who live between two (or more) languages and cultures and will never quite belong anywhere. Girona taught me that's what seems to define translators."

"As always, I'm going home with new ideas, skills, friends and fresh inspiration for the year ahead."

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