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Comments from the post-METM survey

"It was really outstanding as an example of how to run an online event."

"This was my first METM and despite the circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the sessions were very interesting. There was a good variety of topics covered. Thank you to everyone involved."

"Can’t thank you enough for organising everything! A wonderful initiative that helped to bring us all together – at least in spirit – and keep us on track. It is so reassuring, in the wilderness of freelancing, to hear what colleagues are doing and to realise that you are going down the right road after all."

"Thank you so much to MET Council and all the people involved in organising, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and chat to people I'd met last year in Split. Looking forward to anything else MET organises in the near future!"

"Thanks so much for trying out the new format. It worked very well and gave me a much-needed boost." 

Comments on social media

"We may not be in San Sebastián but there's no doubt being back among MET folks, even virtually, is good for the soul."

"Last week I attended #METM Revisited – my first online conference. While I would have loved to attend the in-person meeting planned in beautiful San Sebastián, I was really impressed with the online version!"

"So much fun brainstorming French to English translation to finish off #METMRevisited. Thanks to my breakout room buddies for a brilliant session!"

"I attended my first online conference last week and am amazed at how well it went."

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