Off-METM Revisited programme

No METM would be complete without an Off-METM social programme. At METM Revisited, the conference presentations will be followed by virtualized versions of our classic networking activities.

All times in Central European Summer Time

Thursday, 15 October

Pour a drink and "work the room". We’ll split you into small groups and reshuffle every 15 minutes. What better way to catch up with your MET colleagues?

Friday, 16 October

Each group works on a few tricky snippets on the spot, translating them individually before pooling our ideas. Fun, edifying and eye-opening!

MET’s resident yogini, Francesca Matteoda, is back with this perennial favourite. But this time, you’ll actually be in your office. How’s that for a silver lining?

These self-directed group discussions are modelled on MET Conversations. Pick a group to chat with colleagues about a common interest – the rest is up to you.

  • Editing: how far should we go?
    Editors walk a fine line, especially when dealing with more proficient authors. We don’t want to put off our clients by heedlessly imposing our own preferences. Do you pre-emptively explain or justify your edits? Or is that overkill?
  • I’m an adventurous eater but I won’t touch that!
    Part of the fun of travelling, especially to conferences (sigh), is trying new food and drink from different parts of the world. Where, if anywhere, do you draw the line? What have you tried that you wouldn’t touch again? Tell us about your most unforgettable culinary nightmares!

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