METM19 keynote speakers

Lynne Murphy

Lynne Murphy Lynne Murphy is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sussex. Born and raised in New York State, she was educated at the Universities of Massachusetts and Illinois and has held academic positions in South Africa, the US and the UK. Her academic training and publications have concentrated on word meaning and word relations, words and context, and lexicography, but her experience as a migrant in English-speaking nations has led her to explore issues of language and culture in the anglosphere. Her alter ego Lynneguist writes the award-winning blog Separated by a Common Language and tweets a US-UK Difference of the Day on Twitter. Her most recent book, The Prodigal Tongue: the love–hate relationship between British and American English (Oneworld/Penguin 2018) is "a funny and rollicking read" (Economist Books of the Year). "Her love of our living, changing language is infectious" (The New Yorker).

David Jemielity

David Jemielity is Senior English Translator, Head of Translations and Vice President at Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2015 he has also been creative/editorial lead and overall project lead for the bank’s French-language brand identity campaign. Details on Dave’s role in creating that award-winning multi-year campaign and how it ties in with the BCV team’s approach to translating may be found here (in French).

When he’s not at the bank Dave can often be found in a classroom at FTI-University of Geneva, where he is a tenured lecturer in French>English financial translation, transcreation and multilingual communications business processes. His most recent publication is a long overview of translation in business and economic contexts that appears in the Routledge Handbook of Translation and Culture (2018). 

Dave grew up in South Bend, Indiana and studied English and philosophy at Amherst and Oxford as well as (more recently) brand communications at Northwestern Kellogg.