Off-METM activities

Wednesday, 25 September

Location: Fontana Restaurant & Bar (Trg Republike 4, 21000, Split
Group leaders: Kelly Dickeson and Mary Savage
No booking required. Just show up!

If you're arriving a day early, join your fellow METM19 attendees for postprandial drinks.

Thursday, 26 September

Meeting place: the bronze model of the city on the Riva, opposite the palace's Bronze Gate – click here to see on map.
Booking required.

After a brief introduction, we will visit Diocletian’s Palace, which dates back to AD 305. The palace is actually the Old Town of Split and has been inhabited for more than one and a half millennia. Today, between 1500 and 2000 residents call it home. The palace complex spans some 30,000 m2, so we will spend most of the tour exploring its streets and looking at the best-preserved parts, the Basement Halls. FULL!

Sponsored by KantanMT and Cosnautas

Location: P3, School of Humanities
Group leader: Francesca Matteoda
Booking required.

A yoga class suitable for all levels that can be performed sitting on an office chair or in limited space. Whether you are an expert, back-bending yogi or can’t even touch your toes, anyone interested in improving their physical and/or mental wellbeing is welcome!

As all conference-goers know, sitting in chairs for hours on end is tiring, both physically and mentally. This yoga class will provide relief to weary attendees, offering them an opportunity to unwind at the end of the day before the evening off-METM activities.

The physical part of the class is aimed more at people who live sedentary lifestyles or sit in front of a computer for many hours, targeting key areas where tension builds up (neck, shoulders, wrists, etc.) or body parts that get numbed after several hours in a chair (lower back, glutei, thighs, etc.), whereas the pranayama (breathing exercises) are more indicated for interpreters, public speakers or those who just need to calm their nerves to concentrate on their work or ensure a good night’s sleep.

Location: P4-P7, School of Humanities
Language combinations: English-English (editing), French-English, Italian-English, Spanish-English
Group leaders: Jackie Senior (editing), Gillian Shaw (French), Elizabeth Garrison (Italian), Simon Berrill (Spanish)
Booking required.

Conferences traditionally involve a lot of listening and not a lot of doing. Fancy something different? Join our language breakout sessions. Working with colleagues with the same language combination, you’ll tackle short, tricky texts and then compare notes with other groups. Source- and target-language native speakers are welcome in the translation groups. 

Thanks to Andrew Godfrey of the ITI German Network and Richard Lackey of ITI Spanish Network for inspiring these sessions.
[Read a member’s review of the sessions.]

Booking required.

Pandora's Greenbox  Concerned about the environment or thinking about vegetarianism/veganism as part of a healthier lifestyle? Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact. Join us at Pandora’s Greenbox, where we will be able to enjoy the best veggie/vegan food that Split has to offer.
Group leader: Justine Sherwood FULL!
Restaurant: Pandora Greenbox (Obrov ul 4, 21000, Split)

Croatian cuisine – Curious about Croatian cuisine? Come and try some delicious local dishes. With sumptuous seafood, tasty cheese and hearty fare, you won't go to bed hungry. And for top insider tips, bend local expert Maja's ear.
Group leaders: Maja Gomojic and Kit Cree FULL!
Restaurant: Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar (Marulićeva ul. 2, 21000, Split)

The wonders of (Croatian) wine – Did you know that Croatia has been making wine, like … forever?! It has a long history and the grape that makes Italian Primitivo or California Zinfandel was born here. Come and discover these wines and many more that are native to this beautiful land.
Group leader: Karin Rockstad FULL!
Restaurant: Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar (Marulićeva ul. 2, 21000, Split)

Siblings: rivals or best friends? Do you have a lot in common with your siblings or are you complete opposites? Have you ever played a prank on them or been on adventures together? Do you work in the same or in a compatible field? Join us for an evening to share our favourite sibling stories! 
Group leaders: Elina and Livia Nocera FULL!
Restaurant: Oštarija u Viđakovi (Prilaz braće Kaliterna 8, 21000, Split)

Animal magic – Are you a cat person? A dog person? A horse person? No matter what furry, feathery or scaly friend bewitched you, come share tales about the animals that stole your heart – and the adventures they get up to – over a delicious dinner.
Group leader: Virve Juhola FULL!
Restaurant: Superfood Healthy Food Factory (Ul. bana Josipa Jelačića 1, 21000, Split)

Free-range freelancers: wellies and Wi-Fi – Did you up sticks and move to the back of beyond, laptop under your arm? Or are you looking to leave the bright lights behind and go rural? What are the country-life ups and downs for wordsmiths who rely on Wi-Fi? Come meet your fellow wellie-wearers and share your adventures.
Group leader: Kate Major FULL!
Restaurant: Ma:toni (Prilaz braće Kaliterna 6, 21000, Split)

My other life – Calling all volunteer football coaches, reading buddies, and allotment committee members. Do you do voluntary work unrelated to editing/translating but fulfilling in other ways? Or are you thinking about volunteering? We’ll talk about the skills volunteering has helped us develop, opportunities it has opened up and how it benefits our work.
Group leader: Susannah Goss FULL!
Restaurant: Artičok (Ul. bana Josipa Jelačića 19, 21000, Split)

Game of Thrones – Split is the location of many of Daenerys's scenes in GoT. The throne room where she trained her dragons and the S4 "kill the masters" scene all took place in Diocletian’s Palace. The spectacular Klis Fortress, near Split, is where Daenerys conquers Meereen, the largest of the three great Slave Cities. Join your fellow GoT fans for a geekfest over dinner.
Group leader: Juliet Haydock FULL!
Restaurant: Bristro Toć (Šegvića ul. 1, 21000, Split)

Bilingual parenting: we know it makes sense – Your bilingual child(ren) have windows++ in life. Stay on in there, cling to your rules of bilingual parenting, inveigle kith, kin, neighbours and teachers. You’ll be glad you joined this regular ever-changing dinner group for young hands and enquiring minds.
Group leader: Rebecca Warden FULL!
Restaurant: Šperun (Šperun ul. 3, 21000, Split)

Friday, 27 September

Location: Room P3, School of Humanities
No booking required. Just show up!

Five things you might not know about singing:

It keeps you fit, it’s a natural beauty treatment, it’s eco-friendly, builds your confidence and helps forge social bonds.

This year, we’re channelling gospel-style swing with a number from Sister Act, I Will Follow Him. Why not get into the groove right now and download the full score? Please come to the first rehearsal having practised your part a few times already so that we can start making beautiful music as efficiently as possible! The MP3 audio files are available to download here: Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto | Tenor and Bass.

We’ll also be getting our tongues around some Croat with a simple Dalmatian song, Tulipan, jorgovan, in two easy parts – download the audio files now (high and low) and click here to see the sheet music and here for some help with the pronunciation.

We’ll run through the programme together at our first rehearsal on the Friday lunchtime (so watch out for schedule clashes with our off-METM lunch groups) and the second rehearsal on Saturday evening. Our unforgettable performance will be at the closing dinner. Attendance at both rehearsals is strongly encouraged!

Oh, and if there are any confident sopranos out there, there’ll be a great opportunity for a bit of descant solo action!

If you have any questions, please write to our choir team: Ruth Simpson (Choir Director) or Timothy Barton (Choir Organizer).

**Note that our lunch groups are at the same time as the first choir rehearsal**

Booking required.

I have a dream… My dream was to retire at 50, but that didn’t work out. My new dream is a 4-day week. Not easy but not impossible either. If you share this dream, and think it could work with some organisation and support from like-intended colleagues, then this table is for you.
Group leader: Anne Murray FULL!
Restaurant: Konoba Calypso (Ul. Ruđera Boškovića 27, 21000, Split)

Machine translation howlers and artificial stupidity – Everyone has a favourite machine translation howler to share, but after a good chuckle, we can move on to discussing how artificial intelligence is affecting our work and our lives more in general, for better or for worse.
Group leader: Michael Farrell FULL!
Restaurant: Mala kavana (b.b.,, Ul. Ruđera Boškovića, 21000, Split)

Music while you work – Many of us work to music. Come and share your favourite tunes and artists with your fellow music buffs. We could even make a special playlist to listen to beforehand. No choice is a bad choice if it gets you through your to-do list!
Group leader: Simon Berrill FULL!
Restaurant: Konoba More (Poljička cesta 22, 21000, Split)

Feedback is a two-way street – We all like to receive compliments about our work, and praise and thanks are easy to give. Let's share thoughts about how to give constructive feedback to clients and colleagues.
Group leader: Jenny Zonneveld FULL!
Restaurant: Mala kavana (b.b.,, Ul. Ruđera Boškovića, 21000, Split)

Let’s talk about moving into the troisième âge If you moved abroad in your younger days, perhaps for love, for work or for adventure, you now face a tough choice. Will you go native forever or move back to your old country on retirement?
Group leader: Jackie Senior FULL!
Restaurant: Konoba Calypso (Ul. Ruđera Boškovića 27, 21000, Split)

Cross-fertilization – Yoga instructor? Musician? Teacher? Scientist? Copywriter? Is editing only one of your professional activities and have you found that your insights as an editor have helped you when working in another area? Or has your editing benefited from insights gleaned from another line of work? Come along and swap experiences!
Group leader: Joy Burrough-Boenisch FULL!
Restaurant: Hotel Ora (Poljička cesta 26E, 21000, Split)

In-person CPD for translators – Everyone attending a METM clearly appreciates the importance of in-person CPD for translators, so let’s get together to discuss our impressions and expectations of translation conferences and training events. For regular conference-goers, METM19 first-timers and everyone in-between!
Group leader: Jacqueline Lamb FULL!
Restaurant: Konoba More (Poljička cesta 22, 21000, Split)

Mixed-generation table: what can we learn from each other? Recently (semi-)retired Alan Lounds would like to share experiences with other translators and editors at all stages of their careers to discuss topics such as career trajectories, the current state of the profession and whether we ever retire completely. Participation of at least one other retiree would be very welcome!
Group leader: Alan Lounds FULL!
Restaurant: Hotel Ora (Poljička cesta 26E, 21000, Split)

Wake up and smell the machine translation! At times it seems as if machine translation is a dirty word, something no self-respecting translator would contemplate. Yet for some, the question of when and how to use MT is simply unavoidable. If you're a closet MT user (or have felt the temptation), come along and share your secrets.
Group leader: Stephen Waller FULL!
Restaurant: Hotel Ora (Poljička cesta 26E, 21000, Split)

Location: School of Humanities
Event open to all conference attendees and pre-paid guests.

Join us to toast the end of the first full day of METM19.

If you work or are interested in the humanities, make sure you chat to members of our newly formed humanities groups – look out for the banner. 

Saturday, 28 September

Location: Room B104, Medical School
No booking required. Just show up!

See above for full details, including the score and audio files.

Location: Restaurant Pizzeria Đir
Address: Ul. Matice hrvatske 1, 21000, Split
Event open to all conference attendees (except those who have opted out) and pre-paid guests.

Wrap up your METM in style at the closing dinner. There will be options for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, and naturally, there will be dancing! Thanks to Wordfast for sponsoring our DJ.

Sunday, 29 September

Meeting point: Marjanska vrata
End point: Kasjuni beach
Estimated duration: 2.5 hours
Group leader: Darko Hren
No booking required. Guests welcome too. Just show up!

We'll walk from Marjanska vrata to the top of the peninsula (1-1.5 hours approx., light climb), then down to Kasjuni beach (45 mins approx.) to swim or soak up the scenery! For refreshments, there are two bars on the beach serving drinks and snacks or simply bring your own. Afterwards, you can catch a ride back to Split’s main waterfront promenade (the Riva) at the bus stop just above the beach, take a taxi or walk back in about 30 mins (no hills).