METM Revisited presentation 

Corpus building and mining in the real world: an introduction for the uninitiated

Anne Murray, Barberà de la Conca, Spain 

MET has done important work in promoting and offering training in corpus-guided translation and editing over the years, building on the impetus provided by Mary Ellen Kerans, Ailish Maher, and Stephen Waller in the early days. I was fortunate to be around in those early days, at a time when I was just starting to specialize in medical translation. Now, some 14 years on, I work almost exclusively as a biomedical translator and editor and I also run two MET workshops: Getting starting in medical translation and A keyword corpus to go.
When I first spoke about corpus use at a METM (in 2009), I had only recently discovered corpora and was inspired to share what I had learned from experimenting with different uses. Eleven years on, I am still experimenting, but am more convinced than ever that a good corpus (and often just an adequate one), combined with an effective concordancer (search tool) and a critical, questioning mind, can help you bring your A-game to each new project or assignment.
For the uninitiated, venturing into the world of corpus-guided translation and editing can be daunting. Corpora and concordancers come in many shapes and sizes and their use varies within and across disciplines.
In this presentation, I will share my story and show you how and why I use corpora on an almost daily basis. I will show you the strategies I use to build and organize my corpora, the tool I use most (SketchEngine), and the types of questions I ask both my corpora and myself.
Attending this session will help you to decide how exploring the world of corpus-guided translation and editing will benefit your professional practice.

About the presenter
Anne Murray is a freelance medical translator and authors’ editor based in Barberà de la Conca, Tarragona. She has a degree in translation from Dublin City University, Ireland, and a Foundation Certificate in Medical Writing from the European Medical Writers’ Association. She served on MET’s council as Membership Chair, Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and Chair for 13 years.