METM21: Attendees' feedback

METM21 Online

Comments from the post-METM survey

"As always with MET events, you did a really great job of fostering a supportive and relaxed atmosphere."

"It was the slickest I have seen for an online conference and it was thoughtful to have a selection of MCs and plenty of others on hand to help out."

"The technology worked superbly. I loved the coffee breaks on Wonder as well, brilliant!"

"The presentation of the talks was incredibly smooth. Interaction between the excellent MCs and the speakers was seamless. The talks themselves were top quality."

"Some of the presentations actually lent themselves extremely well to an online format. I especially liked the Editors café with the presenters talking and a parallel commentary happening on the chat." 

Comments on social media

"Thoroughly enjoyed dipping into bits of sessions at #METM21 today. A huge well done to @METMeetings for organizing such an interesting conference."

"In awe of what can be done with online formats when there's will and skill."

"Thoroughly enjoyed myself at my first conference #METM21. I took a lot of notes and got to meet a lot of new colleagues."

"I didn't make many #METM21 presentations, but the ones I did see truly blew me away and inspired me. Absolutely top-notch with flawless organization."

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METM21 Chronicles

MET members can read attendees' reviews of conference sessions on the Hive.