METM19 info session

Gateway to MET: volunteering opportunities within the association

Karin Rockstad, MET volunteer coordinator; Helen Oclee-Brown, MET promotion chair; Kelly Dickeson, MET vice-chair

MET is powered by an army of volunteers. If you’re curious about joining our ranks, stop by this casual info session to learn more. Whatever your interests, skills and desires, there is a task to match your profile – and we’d love to welcome you onto the team.

Volunteer coordinator Karin Rockstad will open the session with an overview of the myriad volunteer roles within MET. Council members Helen Oclee-Brown and Kelly Dickeson will share personal tales of their time in MET – and the rewards they’ve reaped in return. And you, the attendees, will tell us what you’re good at, what you like to do and what you hope to gain from getting more involved in MET. Could this be the start of a fruitful collaboration?

For newbies, volunteering is an excellent way into the association. For long-standing members who have never been deeply involved, what are you waiting for? And if you’re an old-timer, come share your war stories with a new generation.

About the presenters

Karin Rockstad is a Spanish-to-English translator specializing in wine, travel, food and aviation. She became hooked on MET after her first METM in Coimbra in 2015 and wanted to give back. Her role, which initially involved recruiting workshop monitors and session chairs, has morphed into coordinating all sorts of MET volunteers, bringing people together and in from the cold.

Helen Oclee-Brown has been a MET member since 2013. She first volunteered in 2015 when she ran the Facebook event page. In 2016, she organized the off-METM programme and became promotion chair, a role she has held ever since. This year, besides her council responsibilities, she has been moonlighting on the content team. When she’s not volunteering, she translates business and marketing texts from French and Spanish.

Kelly Dickeson has been a member of MET’s governing council for nine years. In that time, she has served as secretary and vice-chair and has had a leading role in organizing three conferences (Poblet in 2013, Tarragona in 2016 and Girona in 2018). This year, she oversaw content procurement for METM19. She is a freelance translator based in Tarragona and has recently enrolled in an MBA. Her secret superpower is the ability to recognize skills and potential in other people.