METM23 presentation

Interactive editing session: education

Sarah Bawa Mason, Southampton, UK; Kim Eddy, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Editing needn’t be a solitary affair. Instead, join us to reap the rewards of collaboration. This is your chance to unearth new strategies, see how your peers work and even pick up an editing partner.

How does it work?
After a brief introduction, session hosts will split attendees into small groups. The groups will then tackle a selection of specialist texts before coming together to discuss their work. How will the versions differ, why did groups take different routes, and what can we learn from other approaches?

Who should attend?
Editors with a working knowledge of the area, although anyone with an interest in education is welcome. Things may get loud with several groups in the room, so bear that in mind if you're noise-sensitive.

What will you need?
Pen and paper, your voice and editing elbow grease.

How can you prepare?
You will be able to download and read the texts in advance.

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