Keynote speakers

Luisa Bentivogli

Luisa Bentivoglio
Photo credit: Luisa Bentivogli
Large language models and language professionals: understanding the promises, risks and impact 
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Luisa Bentivogli heads the Machine Translation (MT) Unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler. Her research interests include evaluation of human language technologies, translation technologies for translators, creation and annotation of multilingual corpora, and computational lexicography in multilingual environments. Her current focus is on creating multilingual resources for speech translation (ST) and on assessing and mitigating gender bias in MT and ST, for which she recently won an Amazon Research Award. She has contributed to projects resulting in products such as MateCat, ModernMT and MateSub. She regularly organizes events on MT for translators and the scientific community, such as the School of Advanced Technologies for Translators.

Find Luisa on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @luisabentivogli (personal account) and @fbk_mt (research group).

Federico Federici

Federico Federici
Photo credit: Federico M. Federici
Translating in acute crises – on texts, contexts, and languages 
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Federico M. Federici is Professor of Intercultural Crisis Communication at the Centre for Translation Studies, University College London, UK. From 2009 to 2014 he sat on the board of the European Master’s in Translation Network. His research on translators and interpreters as intercultural mediators and translation in crises has been published in journals like Translation Spaces and International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. He edited Mediating Emergencies and Conflicts (2016), Intercultural Crisis Communication (2019) (with Christophe Declercq), and Translation in Cascading Crises (2019) and Translating Crises (2022) (both with Sharon O’Brien). He has co-authored government briefs and reports on crisis communication policies and multilingual communication in the humanitarian sector.

Find Federico on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @FMFederici.